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The new computing curriculum has become a specialist subject, one that many teachers do not feel equipped to teach. Add in the ever-changing face of technology, and pressures surrounding resources, then computing can make teachers feel a little out of their depth.


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Software resource audit

Our curriculum team can see what resources you currently use in school, and provide guidance on alternatives that are more up to date and suit your curriculum.

Computing curriculum guidance

We can break down the national curriculum programmes of study into manageable chunks, in an easy to understand language, ensuring all staff know exactly what they should be teaching.

Long term planning

We have years of experience, working with many schools to develop a curriculum with long term planning that fits across the whole school.

Short term planning

Daily lesson planning is a huge task for teachers, and we can help by providing examples, and working closely with teachers to develop their planning in a style that suits them.

Digital literacy

21st Century learners need to be digital literate, and we can show staff and children ways of achieving this, creating meaningful learning opportunities for the children to enhance their growing skill set.

ICT skills audit and staff training

Schools employ staff with a range of talents, not always
ICT. We will audit the staff’s ICT training needs, and plan and deliver CPD, either during INSET days, twilight staff meetings, or during one to one sessions.

CEOP & e-Safety

We have our own e-Safety support packages, geared towards helping the school to achieve the e-Safety Mark or similar accreditation as well as a dedicated CEOP ambassador who is available for whole school assemblies, child, parent, staff and governor workshops, and policy reviews.

Computer programming

The new curriculum places a heavy emphasis on computer science, and staff need the skills to teach their digital native children. We will work alongside staff and computing coordinators to make sure the right skills are taught across the curriculum.

Classroom teaching

With so many years experience, our educational team can teach lessons across your school, proving valuable CPD to teachers, allowing them to see what an outstanding lesson in computing could look like.

Training courses

We run courses regularly, covering many topics. Delegates leave with a much better understanding because the training is delivered in a hands- on, fun way.

Training courses

We run courses regularly, covering many topics. Delegates leave with a much better understanding because the training is delivered in a hands- on, fun way.


The disapplication of levels has left many schools stumped, and wondering how to assess pupils in all subjects. The assessment of computing could be tricky, but we can help, providing resources and advice that fits with the wider whole school approach to assessment.

Hardware resource audit

We can provide a resource audit, to show exactly what you have in your school, and how it can be used, and provide guidance on new and emerging technologies.

Ofsted guidance

Our educational team is at the forefront of education, and aims to support schools throughout the constant goal post moves that Ofsted provide.

Social media advice

Social media is a fantastic tool to engage parents, but must be used correctly. We offer guidance on setting up and running various forms of social media.