As most of our Hull and East Riding schools are returning from the long (short, depending on which side of the desk you sit) summer holidays, I thought I would take this opportunity to welcome you all back and wish you all the best for the new term.

During my time as a teacher, the first day back was always the best, or at least the thought of it was. I felt prepared, having spent some time during the holidays making my classroom tidy with new displays, and sharp pencils. I had a new class, that I knew little about, small snippets from other staff members and a short visit from them on ‘moving up day.’ I had a sense that this was going to be the most organised year yet, that all planning would be done weeks in advance, all marking done after each and every lesson, assessment information on time, paperwork filled in to be handed to the SLT before they even had to ask for it, and I would start my reports in January!

Then we had the training day! More ideas. More paper. More work! Suddenly I wasn’t prepared, suddenly I wasn’t ready for this new class that I knew nothing about, suddenly I was already behind with everything.

But as teachers, we are very good at coping. We make lists and we get on with it. And we are very good at learning, and adapting, and changing what we do to ensure all children make progress.

With that in mind, I invite you to keep reading these regular updates to this blog. I have a plan to write one each working day, that includes the holidays, as I no longer get schools holidays! Everyone else thinks this is far to ambitious, and I am setting my self up to fail. Well if that is the case it means I am so busy working with other schools, and learning new ideas that the next blog post will be even more informative. There is also the minor issue of a baby on the way, due November, but I am sure I can knock a blog post up in-between nappy changes (am I being ambitious again?)

Hopefully, the daily blog may give you that next piece of inspiration for your classroom, to help you get more organised, to ease the workload, to engage the children. Technology is a very powerful tool, but knowing which bits to use and when can be tricky, so keep reading, and you may find something that will help you get to the end of term.

Johnathon Martin

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