There are not many apps that we recommend buying, in fact the only other one we have looked at in the blog is Explain Everything, but sometimes, an app comes along that is so good that it worth the messing around with VPP credit. This app is Mathboard.

An app specifically for maths, Mathboard is appropriate for all ages, from Reception right up to year 6, with carefully selected questions on any of the 4 main operations, and even trickier maths concepts for the higher ability children.  You can control the range of numbers you want to work with, the amount of questions you want to answer and length of time allowed per quiz.

As with all new technology, kids will likely be enthralled. Even if this were merely a calculator, students would be lining up to play with it because it’s on an iPad. The fact that it comes through on its promise makes it all the more useful.

The random problem generator is particularly handy for creating quizzes. Gone are the days of picking through or creating your own problems and pasting them into a quiz. MathBoard does all of this for up to 250 problems per quiz.

This is designed specifically for classroom use. Students can use it to work on new math techniques, and teachers can use it to generate homework and quizzes. It’s a perfect match.

The chalkboard theme may be lost on todays learners, but it allows children to use jottings or show working out. This app will be particularly useful for starters or plenaries, and with the range of numbers and questions, it can be fully tailored to each individual.

The addition version of this app if free, but for the full range, it will cost you, and becomes cheaper if you buy over 20.

Have a look on the app store today, and get your children ready for the new arithmatic paper that comes to year 6 this year.

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